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We want to hear from you! The only way to succeed in our mission is through partnership with hundreds of our neighbors, who also want this dream to become a reality. Frequent communication between all of the stakeholders in the community will enhance our ability to succeed. Thank you for joining us!




Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2130, Estes Park, CO 80517

In Person: The Foundation office is located at
166 Virginia Drive, Suite 1

Please schedule an appointment for a visit to
the office as there are not set, full-time hours

Phone: (970) 415-0139

Website Address:

All of the members of the Board of Directors want to hear from you. The office is
occupied by Tom Shamburg, President/CEO of the Foundation. Any contacts will be
received by him and if directed to another Board member, the message will be forwarded on.

The other Board members are:

Kelley Anderson Karen Daugherty Randy Kampfe

Anne Rogers Dan Scace Russ Schneider

Thank you for your interest and support!