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Questions and Answers About the Stanley Home Support Team…

Q: How does this team support the preservation of
the Historic Home of F.O. and Flora Stanley?

A: The Historic Stanley Home Foundation is managed
by a staff CEO and a Board of Directors. The Support
Team works with the CEO and Board to assist in
assuring that the Foundation mission succeeds.

Q: How does one become a member of the Support Team?

A: One only needs to express that they support the mission
of the Foundation and can be included on the list of those
who are like-minded in this viewpoint.

Q: How many individuals will make up the Support Team?

A: There is no limit to the number of individuals on the team.
This is a project of and for the community. We envision this
team numbering in the hundreds, local and otherwise.

Q: Who will direct the activities of the Support Team?

A: There will be a leadership group that will work with the CEO,
Board and all other members of the Support Team to define
our actions and involve the team members in our mission.

Q: Does being a member of the Support Team imply a promise
to donate or commit my time?

A: It does not. Our base goal is to show individual donors, corporate donors, foundation donors and governmental units, that there is a strong citizen sentiment to see that this gets done.

Each member of the Support Team can in their own time and based
on their own circumstances make financial and time commitments.